In the initial onboarding process you’ll receive detailed instructions for some of the most popular DAWs to prepare your tracks for mixing. But, basically your tracks should be recorded with no clipping. Each track should be labeled to identify the individual sounds. A rough mix is also required as a reference to help convey your artistic vision to the mix engineer.

I prefer to start the mixing process from where you last left it. Therefore, if you don’t provide the DAW project files, I kindly request that you export and send two sets of each individual multi-tracked files: one set labeled “processed,” leaving your effects, compression, EQ, etc. on (turn off any mix/master bus limiting or loudness processing). The second set should be labeled “unprocessed” with no effects, EQ, or compression applied (bypass all effects). Feel free to leave pitch correction plugins like Auto-Tune or Melodyne on the unprocessed multi-track files. Make sure each track’s file starts at bar one in the timeline before you export. Create two folders and name them “Artist Name_Song Name_Mix Prep_Processed” and “Artist Name_Song Name_Mix Prep_Unprocessed” then place each set of exported files in the corresponding folder. Zip both folders and send to [email protected] using a file sharing service such as WeTransfer.