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Achieve The Premium Sound Quality Your Audience Expects

Discover the impact 20+ years of professional mixing and mastering experience can have on your music.

Mixing & Mastering Services

Your music deserves to sound the best it possibly can. The final mix and master are critical to its success. Choose a professional engineer who understands your vision.

TitanTraxx provides online mixing and mastering services for artists, labels, and brands. Stand out in today’s crowded market with top-quality sound.

The Process

Before & After Examples

Below are some before and after examples of songs mixed and mastered by TitanTraxx. Listen with good quality headphones or reference speakers to best hear the differences in impact, depth and clarity.







What Clients Think Of The Work

Kristen Avian
Kristen AvianR&B Artist
“I’ve been listening nonstop… I played those mixes so many times. You are too 🔥 with this!!”
Robert White
Robert WhiteBlues Guitarist
“Perfect! Thanks so much for making my music sound great and polished as always.”
Boris Butas
Boris ButasPop Artist
“Hi, I was listening and I have to say WOW, AMAZING!!! That’s the best work I’ve ever heard!!!”
JVNGLEHip-Hop Artist
“I just had to text you 🤦🏾‍♂️
That mix is so f*@king cold bro!!!!!
Damn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between mixing and mastering?2024-01-25T01:04:31-06:00

Mixing is the process of blending individual audio tracks together, such as vocals, keys, drums, bass, etc., using various forms of processing and effects to create a single stereo mix.

Mastering is the process of taking a single stereo mix and preparing it for final public distribution. It involves transferring to required file standards, embedding metadata, quality control checks, sonic sweetening through additional processing, and comparative genre specific loudness enhancement.

How long does the mixing and mastering process take?2024-01-25T02:47:01-06:00

The turnaround varies based on the project’s size, complexity and our current work volume, but a standard single song usually takes 4-7 business days. For mastering only, it usually just takes one day for a single song. For EPs and full albums it can take from 10-14 business days. If you’re in a rush, we can expedite your songs for a small additional fee.

What file formats are accepted for mixing and mastering?2024-01-25T03:09:29-06:00

Commonly accepted formats include WAV and AIFF, with a minimum resolution of 16-bit (24 or 32-bit is preferred) and a sample rate of 44.1 kHz or higher. You’ll also receive instructions on how to send your DAW project files.

How do I prepare my tracks for mixing?2024-01-25T05:04:32-06:00

In the initial onboarding process you’ll receive detailed instructions for some of the most popular DAWs to prepare your tracks for mixing. But, basically your tracks should be recorded with no clipping. Each track should be labeled to identify the individual sounds. A rough mix is also required as a reference to help convey your artistic vision to the mix engineer.

I prefer to start the mixing process from where you last left it. Therefore, if you don’t provide the DAW project files, I kindly request that you export and send two sets of each individual multi-tracked files: one set labeled “processed,” leaving your effects, compression, EQ, etc. on (turn off any mix/master bus limiting or loudness processing). The second set should be labeled “unprocessed” with no effects, EQ, or compression applied (bypass all effects). Feel free to leave pitch correction plugins like Auto-Tune or Melodyne on the unprocessed multi-track files. Make sure each track’s file starts at bar one in the timeline before you export. Create two folders and name them “Artist Name_Song Name_Mix Prep_Processed” and “Artist Name_Song Name_Mix Prep_Unprocessed” then place each set of exported files in the corresponding folder. Zip both folders and send to [email protected] using a file sharing service such as WeTransfer.

How many revisions do I get to make?2024-01-25T03:01:29-06:00

Once your completed song is delivered for you to review, you can request an unlimited amount of revisions for 90 days. After 90 days, each revision request will cost a small additional fee.

Do you offer vocal pitch correction?2024-02-08T17:04:09-06:00

Yes. Vocal pitch correction with Melodyne or AutoTune is included and applied where needed or at your request. It can be applied lightly for a natural sound or more heavily for an obvious effect.

Why do you require a rough mix?2024-02-08T17:05:20-06:00

I require that you send along a rough mix of your song(s) in wav or mp3 format as a reference guide to best represent what you envision. This is critical, as it gives me some idea as to which elements in the song are most important to you and the overall vibe you’re trying to achieve. It also limits confusion and speeds up the turnaround time. Think of your rough mix as a road map for me to follow. Without a destination, I can very easily take your song in the wrong direction. Because it is so important, I will turn away any projects that do not provide a rough mix.

Do you provide alternate mix versions like acapella, instrumental, etc?2024-02-08T17:06:39-06:00

Yes. Each mix project will be delivered with the following alternate versions:
Clean Mix (broadcast friendly)
Instrumental Mix
Acapella Mix
TV Mix
Clean Acapella Mix
Clean TV Mix

When and how do I pay for my project?2024-02-08T17:07:54-06:00

After you complete the project onboarding process and upload your files, your files will be reviewed for errors. If everything looks okay, you will receive a PayPal invoice via email. You will have the option to pay the total amount or pay a 50% deposit. If you choose to pay a deposit, the remaining 50% will be due upon project completion when you receive your project review files. Your project will not start until you pay a deposit. Delayed payment may affect your selected turnaround date.

Meet Your Engineer

TitanTraxx - Mixing & Mastering

Melvin 'Titan' Boyd

As a New Orleans native with an early love for music, I transitioned from a decade-long journey as a musician into music production. After becoming obsessed with chasing a higher quality sound for my own music, I became fascinated with the art of mixing and mastering. After learning a wealth of knowledge from several mentors, I decided to hone my craft further by earning a degree in communications and media arts with a focus on audio and recording technology. Now, I have over 20 years of experience shaping emotions through sound, providing mixing and mastering services for global recording artists, labels, and brands.

My mission is to help musicians express their art in the most remarkable sounding way possible, creating a balance that aligns with their vision. With a wealth of experience from working with diverse artists, I capture, critique, and polish their work, ensuring it resonates with audiences. I am driven by a love for music, a passion for innovation, and the desire to elevate artists to greater sonic and creative heights. I see every day as an opportunity to create something exceptional and contribute to the unique stories of like-minded creatives.



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